Pilates Instruction

Welcome to the Classical Pilates Centre, a fully equipped studio located in the historic Adelphi Mill in beautiful Bollington, Cheshire.

We teach Pilates classes for everyone from beginners to advanced levels. We offer one-to-one instruction, duets, and classes. We are committed to excellence in Pilates education.

To book a one-to-one or duet session please call us on 07446 872750 or email classicalpilatescentre@nullgmail.com

Please contact us for prices. 

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of body conditioning named for its developer, Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1883-1967). The method consists of carefully executed exercises done on an array of equipment and on an exercise mat. No portion of the method is expendable, and the various pieces of equipment are best understood as feedback to the client, each one offering a unique combination of challenge or support. Many pieces of the equipment (the Reformer, the Cadillac or Trapeze Table, the Chairs, the Ped-O-Pull, the Neck Stretcher, the Foot Corrector, and the Toe Corrector) use springs for resistance. Pilates found that since springs mimic the action of muscles, they were ideal for teaching us to find the right muscles for a given movement. Pilates is not only a total body workout, it’s a total body education.

Pilates teaches how to move from the center. Pilates called his own method “Contrology” because the method is about learning to bring all the movements of the body under conscious control. This control begins with mastery of the “powerhouse,” Joe Pilates’ name for the muscular center of the body, the lower abdomen. To the novice, this focus can seem extreme and unnecessary; but you will realize that you are moving better, that you are stronger, and that all physical learning will happen more easily, the better your control of your center.

However, the benefits of doing Pilates are not limited to a flatter stomach. Doing Pilates regularly (three times a week is recommended), contributes greatly to a stronger back, buttocks, shoulder girdle, and neck. Much has been said about Pilates making a longer, leaner body, as opposed to building a bulky one. Much has been said to debunk such claims, too. What is the truth? By learning nuanced control of the body you start to work more efficiently, so your body, whether in stasis or in motion, will be more graceful. For example, once you learn how to use your arms as connections to your rib cage and not to your neck, your neck will look longer and you will look younger. The legs learn to move freely too, precisely because the foundation of the pelvis is stable. Pilates makes you move better, feel better, and look better.

Who can benefit from Pilates? Anyone who is willing to practice being mentally present during physical movement can benefit from Pilates. If you think you can socialize while doing your footwork, think again. Pilates demands mental focus. “It is the mind that builds the body,” was one of Pilates’ favorite quotes, a quote from the German poet Schiller. Of course your mind will drift, but, as in other forms of meditation, you usher your awareness back to being present in your body. When you work with me, I keep you focused. Pilates builds mind-body stamina.