Muscle Activation Techniques (R)

What is Muscle Activation Techniques(R)?

Muscle Activation Techniques(R), or MAT, is a holistic form of body work developed by Greg Roskopf, biomechanics consultant to the Denver Broncos and the Utah Jazz. MAT evaluates and addresses muscular imbalances. MAT involves a paradigm shift. Whereas most therapies focus on restrictions and try to eliminate them, MAT asks which muscles should be able to make a particular movement and stimulates them. MAT looks at tightness or restriction as the body’s attempt to find stability and to guard us from ranges of motion in which the nervous system senses a lack of control.

Tightness is the body’s way of protecting us. Rather than override this protective mechanism, MAT seeks to improve neural input to muscles that are malfunctioning. Once neural input to a muscle or group of muscles is restored, they communicate more accurately with the nervous system. Range of motion improves in tandem with stability, not at its expense. While there are no guarantees, MAT uses biomechanical analysis and neuromuscular stimulation to bring about positive changes in strength and range of motion that prompt clients to use words such as “amazing,” “miraculous,” and “genius.” I call it good work.