Muscle Activation Techniques ®

Muscle Activation Techniques or MAT was developed by Greg Roskopf, biomechanics consultant to the Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz.

How does work? As an MAT Specialist, I look at a client’s specific range of motion limitations or asymmetries. With MAT we look at limitations in range of motion as indicators of potential muscle inhibition, or diminished contractile ability, which people frequently just call “weakness.” But inhibition is really more specifically a communication problem than weakness as we normally understand it. For example, a person can be “strong” in that he or she can do really heavy squats, but when tested, the same person’s gluteus maximus may be incapable of shortening completely. This insufficiency is associated with compensations and makes the person less efficient and weaker. This is muscle inhibition and MAT activates inhibited muscles, thus restoring or optimising

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